Air Conditioners

When the time comes to buy a new air conditioner, it pays to know a little something about them before you go shopping. You don’t need to know everything but understanding the basics will help you make a good, informed decision before you make a purchase.

Types of air conditioners:

    ·Portable air conditioners- These work great in very small rooms like bedrooms or bathrooms. They are small and lightweight so you can easily move them from one room to another, but they will not cool more than one room at a time.

    ·Window units- A step up from the portable air conditioners, the window units are larger and most often used in bedrooms. There are different sizes to choose from but even the larger ones will not cool an entire house. They are designed for one room and the size will determine the square footage it will cool. While you can move window units to different rooms, it does take a while to install them, so moving them is not usually recommended.

    ·Built-in wall units- These are similar to window units but as the name suggest, they are installed in your wall so they cannot be moved.

    ·Central air conditioners- These are designed to cool and heat the entire house at once, so they are the most convenient and expensive. A central air conditioner unit will cost more upfront, but can be cheaper to use in the long run since one unit is all you need to keep the entire home cool.

Before installing a central air conditioner or a built-in wall unit, you will need a professional to help you determine what size BTU to use. It’s always best to hire a certified air conditioner professional to install your unit if you don’t have any experience doing this type of work, especially for the central air and wall units.

Before you buy, do your research and compare brands by seeing what features they offer and read reviews to see what other consumers have to say. This will help you get an idea of which type of air conditioner would suit your needs the best.