21 Real Estate Trends for 2015 That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

As with any industry, trends are about as common as the green grass during Spring and the white snow during winter (as we see right now, in fact). It, therefore, is crucial that you stay abreast of the real estate trends for this year of 2015 even more so. Why? Real estate's a tidal wave, people. If you're not watching carefully, you can get hit off your board, get sucked underneath -- and potentially swallowed by a shark (worst-case scenario). So follow these trends carefully. You might save yourself a leg --

Coral Colors

That's right. You heard me correctly. These days in this new year of real estate, reefs, anemones and possibly Nemo, Dory and Marlin could be spotted in somebody's kitchen in somebody's home. Real estate's going with a very bright, soft and "reefy" color, and here's why.

Opening Up the Floor Plan

There was a time when open floor plans were more for the youth of America, the young married couples before they had kids who could go running up and down the hardwood floors with skates, boards and sleds without a care in the world. Times change, and open floor plans are now going mainstream.

Customizing the House

We're doing a switcheroo here, it seems. Usually the house gets built, and then buyers look at it "as-is." Nowadays, though, buyers have the option for new developments to be "customized" by external options from other house planning companies. So if you don't want that pool in the backyard, you just might be able to get the plan changed before building starts.

Freestanding Bathtubs

It's funny how the shower's not getting any adoration these days, and that bearclaw bath tub's soaking the suds more often. Freestanding tubs are getting more en vogue, obviously.

A New Countertop Material Making Its Mark

There was a time when quartz (last year, actually) was the "in" material for countertops. Guess what: this year of 2015, you'll be looking at something better, and it's called "quartzite."

As for Floors, Here's a New "Hardwood" for You

Let's face it: hardwood's expensive and hard to maintain. Ask any homeowner out there with a decent upscale home. You just might be looking at something better, though, and that's porcelain.

New Innovative Technologies

It's as if we're a whole lot closer to the Jetsons legacy, complete with flying cars and robotic maids (not really). Compared to only a few years ago, though, it's a big jump in the real estate technology front with such things as motion sensors for pets, for example.

Charging Stations Make Life Easy

Don't you hate having to bring that pesky charger, tattered by the cat chasing after it, just so you can keep your smartphone at the kitchen while you cook dinner? Everyone hates the digital device powering down due to a low battery, but you can rest assured: homes will come equipped with built-in "charging stations." Want to know more?

Having More Than One Kind of Room in the House (?)

Have I thrown you for a loop here? What in the heck would a homeowner have to do with a room that has an exact "double" in the house? That's already the norm for bathrooms, obviously. But two kitchens? Two dining rooms? Or how about two master suites? Two much overkill? (That's right, I said "two")

Fireplaces Are Still Rockin' Romance and Comfort

There's room, however, for creativity with this long-lasting trend. Check out what home improvements provide for everything from your everyday fire pit with wood to even the highly technological flame.

Your Home as a Health Cleanser

At first, the only way for you to cure a head cold was to head for the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and pull out some Nyquil. Wouldn't you know it? It seems that your 2015 home might be equipped to manage wellness solutions for you and your family. The Jetsons nod with affirmation.

Specialized Storage

Do you want to know why Harry Potter, of all people, would know a whole lot about this concept in real estate? This takes space utilization to a whole new magical level.

Beefing Up the Garage

Long gone are the days that the garage is nothing more than an overdeveloped shed for the bike, car and a bunch of tools. Nowadays, yes, even the garage can be pimped out "man cave" style.

Identity Confirmed. You May Enter Your House.

Talk about premium security.... Yes, you may need to ditch your house keys (especially since you keep misplacing them), because fingerprint analysis will be coming soon to a home near you.

Creative Water Conservation Ideas

One would think the oceans would dry up sooner or later, as the human population (and animal population) grows and grows and consumes that much more at an alarming rate. I mean, it can only rain so much every year! That's why, however, rainwater gets to be an actual resource for real estate.... Yes. Rainwater!

Incorporating Salon-Style Walls

Ever walk into a hair salon and see all the pictures up on the walls? Heck, you don't even see the walls. All you see are photos. What if homes incorporated that style as well? Hmm....

Copper's the Newest Metal to Hit the Market

It seems that a certain material always has to step aside as trends develop and people's interests evolve. Now it seems that the "penny" makes it move onto the real estate industry. Interesting.

Shrinking Rooms

This may make sense as to why we could be getting double-rooms in homes (read why above, the one header with the 'question mark'). Yes, rooms are starting to shrink in size. Why?

That's a Nice Bed You Have There....

I'm willing to bet just about every prospective homeowner touring a property might ask that question (unless there's no bed to look at). This isn't an isolated question or thought, though. Homeowners this year are thinking about one thing in particular: how well they can sleep.

Going With Different "Kinds" of White

There was a time when white was just one color. Silly white rabbit. In the real estate industry, particularly with kitchens, white can come in many colors. Trix are for kids.

New Outdoor Living Options

As if the real estate market and home development gurus would run out of ideas for this.... I mean, the backyard's only so big before they rehash every tree house known in existence. Believe it or not, there are other ideas to watch out for this year: three, to be exact.


It's a big list, yes. Comprehensive. But very necessary. Don't fall behind and be in the know. After all, you're a smart homeowner (or soon to be), and you want the very best in the industry.