When doing home improvements, nothing adds more value to your home than an addition. Additions can give you that extra bedroom you need or give you a larger living room. It could allow you to knock out a wall and create an open floor plan or build that game room you’ve always wanted. Let’s take a look at some ideas for home additions.

New Home Additions

New home additions will add an extra room to your home. Work with your contractor to plan your new home addition so it is exactly what you want before the building starts. Your addition can be built on any side of your home or you can even add an upstairs to your home, depending on what you need. You always want to be sure your contractor can make your new home addition look like it was built with the house. The extra room is great for another bedroom, game room, bathroom or even a hobby room.

Room Additions

Room additions make an existing room bigger. For example, if your living room is cramped you might want a room addition to make it bigger. A room addition can be used for any room that you feel is too small and would like to be bigger. You can also turn two small rooms into one larger room as part of a room addition.

Make Sure You Are Obeying the Law

Each state, county and city has its own laws for any kind of addition to your home. You should make sure that your contractor knows all of your local laws, and that you have the correct permits. You should have the addition inspected at different parts of the construction process to make sure it is up to code. It is always a good idea to contact the zoning board and the department of building and safety in your area to find out about the different aspects of the law in your area so you can be sure your contractor is doing everything legally.

Home additions can add a lot of value to your home as well as add that extra space that you’ve always desired.